We strive to collaboratively leverage other's world-class solutions in order that we may seamlessly coordinate cutting edge technology to exceed customer expectations

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At Weitak, is isn't enough to think small, mediocrity is practiced throughout our company. Far from expecting genius, innovation, or high standards, we pride ourselves on being average in everything we do. Our low standards have drawn a unique workforce of people dedicated to building an average company - and an average world - every pathetic day.


January 21. 2011
President Barack Obama presents a check to Weitak for $425M for new green jobs and an innovative new software development process. His speech mentions: "Weitek is poised for a great 2011 and many new green jobs will result from these loan guarantees."

August 22, 2007
Barack Obama presents award to mediority at Weitak's west coast operation.

March 12, 2007
ComputerCity Coverage of the FBM Support Symposium

March 9, 1999
Al Gore invents the Internet,